Armenians dating mexicans

When the Turkish gendarmes came for Mugrditch Nazarian, they did not give him time to dress, but took him from his home in the dead of night in his pyjamas.

The two youngest were thrown to their deaths down a mountainside by Turkish guards; the other four starved to death at the bottom of a well where they had hidden to escape.

The country enjoys a 99-percent literacy rate (ask UNESCO; the global literacy rate is 86 percent).

Armenians commonly hurtle themselves into the world’s prized academic institutions via foundations, scholarships, and with help from flush Armenian expats. Their scholarly reputation is surely associated with their ancient and adaptable alphabet, whose 39 characters include two different sounds for It’s antique like Europe, but older and niftier The Connecticut-sized nation displays 4,000 temples.

Several of their monasteries and churches are bewildering UNESCO World Heritage Sites—all enjoyed minus the endless lines that plague European tourist traps.

Its religious structures are mostly on prime real estate—analogous to where America created its ultimate national parks and resorts.

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