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After opening the inner Gibson box, I noticed the bottom of the case was a bit "puckered out" right at the very bottom. The musician has been aligned with the company for the last three decades." The back of my R9's neck can get gritty/sticky a bit and I heard that polishing it will get rid of that.

It turns out it was double boxed with the Gibson box inside this one... As part of the new role, Slash will develop new products for the Gibson Custom, Gibson, and Epiphone lines.

In the 1970s, Gibson standardized the serial number system that is still in use today.

GUITARS ARE ALREADY VERY SOUGHT AFTER, WE MANAGED TO GET ONE OF THE LAST I have always been a Les Paul player and am very proud to have my own range produced by Gibson and Epiphone, the maker of the worlds greatest guitars.

I hope that musicians around the world enjoy them as much as I do, said Slash.

Of course, there are those who use pics of real Gibsons to sell fake guitars - the ol' swap-a-roo. Go to the Gibson site, and decipher it yourself, or call them. 1986 Kramer Baretta - American 1990 Gibson Les Paul Standard 2006 Gibson Les Paul Custom - '68 RI 2007 Gibson Les Paul Special - Custom Shop 1960 Double Cut 2013 Gibson SGJ 2013 Ibanez Destroyer 2013 Gibson Les Paul Standard - Premium Plus 2014 Gibson Les Paul Studio Pro 2014 Gibson SG Standard '61 2014 Seagull S6 Original Marshall JMP1H Marshall JCM1H Marshall SL5 Marshall Lead 12 3005 Microstack Egnater Tweaker 15 Yamaha THR-10 Marshall 1960AV 4x12 Mesa Boogie Recto 1x12 I just bought a new Les Paul Standard and would like you to check the serial number for me: 91029466 . I have a 2014, it still can't decode the serial.

I want to verify the year of manufacture, whether it has a 60's neck and the color. Go to the Gibson site, and decipher it yourself, or call them. Necro answer - The Guitar Dater is merely a decoder that works by using known serial number formats and decoding them for you.

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