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“Tu es bonne”, said to a girl will often be interpreted as “you are good…in bed”, and that’s the most polite interpretation.So if you ever want to congratulate a female friend, don’t forget to clearly explain what your friend is good at.

To avoid (hilarious) mistakes, here are 13 sentences and words you should never say in French. Congratulating your friends is a good idea, but you need to be careful when you do it in French.

Or simply avoid this sentence and use the safer “tu es doué(e)” (you are gifted). You may want to avoid asking for a jerk in the restaurant.

French learners often mistake “canard” and “connard”. You certainly think that “baiser” means “to kiss”, and that using that word would be really cute. While “un baiser” does mean “a kiss”, “baiser” used as a verb means “to f***”. Check out this article to learn the dos and don’ts of French greetings. In French though, “je suis chaude” (I’m hot said by a woman) means “I’m horny”.

Even at 5 or six l used to sip my dad's bears and puff on lit cigarettes and joints when they were smoking.

The weed only made me hack and the cigarettes would give me a headrush l thought was fun. I made side loaded, motorized tumble cycler that used a 100 mesh metal screen to collect the trichomes from my trim leaf, moldy buds and scrag.

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Restrictions= No nude/nakes pics, no fucking pics, no porn, no harassment, no mistreating with any member. No bugs, nice weather and beautiful canopy of fall foliage covering the trees.

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  1. Ok, so posting new threads on a forum you're still getting used to while halfway-piss-drunk at 6 AM is probably not a good idea (I've learned from experience), but this just made me laugh so hard and think of all of you guys (by which I mean us): I'm not sure whether this girl (Hannelore) reflects my dream woman, or some sort of sick satire of my failures with the opposite sex.